Smart Governance :

With all the natural resources and manpower talents, India is still grouped with the emerging economies and yet to graduate into the coveted club of developed countries. One of the main reason for the backwardness could be lack of good governance at all levels— centre, state, municipalities and panchayats—apart from the archaic laws that restrict enterprise and pose a challenge to the ease of doing business in India. Time is changing but the change has to come fast and at all levels. The National Mission on Smart Governance intends to catalyse this change.

Many of the government processes are getting streamlined through use of information technology. That’s necessary but not sufficient. Unless e-governance results in raising productivity and multiplying output of the government, the change will at best be automational in nature.

Unless e-governance delivers public services, it will only be a coveted project within the government with little public utility. What citizens need is smart governance—all government services, information and grievance redressal available at the click of the mouse if not delivered at the doorstep, business processes are simplified and compliance made user-friendly. The Mission will specifically focus on e-governance at the last mile in rural areas.

E-governance is just one aspect, as we need to look at other issues like the ease of doing business, simplification and easy compliance of various regulations including labour laws. There is no legislative provision for auctioning of natural resources such as coal or mining of minerals. While the government boasts of offering various services online, has it been able to simplify the processes? Can all Indians file income tax return without a hassle? Can all businessmen file the company law or labour law related compliance forms without the help of professionals? Which is why, offering an online facility does not end the task of the government. The Mission aims to address these problems.

Even within the government, not all departments have embraced to e-governance. Various departments operate in a watertight compartment with virtually no digital co-ordination. The Mission onSmart Governance will aim to address this digital divide within the government. Single window clearance should not be confined to the central government or a particular state government, but it has to be across the country. This calls for better digital coordination between the centre, states and local bodies—a smart governance mission.


Neelam Dhawan
Managing Director, HP India, Chair - National Mission on Smart Governance

Neelam Dhawan is the Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard India. She has countrywide responsibility for revenues and profitability and ensuring the greatest leverage from HP’s Services, Personal Systems and Imaging & Printing businesses. With a portfolio that extends to offshore activities, BPO, Software Engineering, Research and IT Services, Neelam is focused on shaping the company’s overall business agenda and leading its strategy and corporate development efforts to make HP the most admired company in India. Previously, Neelam was the Managing Director of Microsoft India, a position she held from 2005 to 2008. During her tenure, she sharpened Microsoft’s strategic focus and improved its operating efficiency and execution, as well as its financial performance and customer focus. More

Karan Bajwa
Managing Director, Microsoft Corporation India, Co-Chair - National Mission on Smart Governance

Karan Bajwa joined Microsoft India in November 2007 and after serving in senior leadership roles. He was appointed as Managing Director of the sales and marketing operations of the subsidiary in 2013. In this capacity, his responsibilities include growing the sales and marketing operations, driving strategic partnerships and alliances with global platform partners, channel partners, international and local OEMs services, telecommunications industries and the system builder community. Karan brings with him an excellent understanding of enterprises as well as insight into the Indian public sector, having led teams for these businesses for the company in the last seven years. More

Prakash B Rane
Managing Director, ABM Knowledgeware Ltd, Expert Member - National Mission on Smart Governance

Prakash B Rane is the Managing Director of ABM Knowledgeware Ltd. He is B. Tech. with postgraduate Degree in Management Studies (M.M.S.) and has an excellent academic record. Before becoming Managing Director of the Company, he had successfully established another software company in the field of e-governance. Under his stewardship, the Company has attained a leadership position in the niche of e-governance in a short span of time. He has conceptualized various pioneering and successful strategic solutions in e-governance, which have become benchmark in the industry.